Access and Conditions of Use

The Electronic Text Center's holdings include approximately 70,000 on- and off-line humanities texts in thirteen languages, with more than 350,000 related images (book illustrations, covers, manuscripts, newspaper pages, page images of Special Collections books, museum objects, etc.)

Most etexts can now be accessed alongside the print collections in Virgo, the University of Virginia online library catalog.

Access Formats

The majority of our holdings are XML or SGML encoded and Internet accessible through a common interface; other items are available on CD-ROM in the Center. Our collections continue to grow swiftly and steadily, with new items added constantly.

Access For UVA Dial-Up Users

The University Library, in conjunction with ITC, is now able to provide access to most Library databases through the use of a proxy server. All University students, faculty, and staff will now be able to access our databases, whether from on-grounds, off-grounds, U.Va. modems lines, or through Internet Service Providers such as AOL. For more information see:

Conditions of Use: Publicly-accessible ebooks, texts, and images

While many of these items are made publicly-accessible, they are not all public domain -- the vast majority of the images, and a number of the texts, including all of those from the University of Virginia Special Collections Department, are copyrighted to the University of Virginia Library, for example, and a number of other texts are still copyrighted to their original print publishers and made available here with permission. We have put thousands of hours of work -- and tens of thousands of dollars -- into scanning texts and images, tagging and proofreading them, and we hope the results are useful to a broad audience.

By their use of these ebooks, texts and images, users agree to follow these conditions of use:

  • These ebooks, texts and images may not be used for any commercial purpose without permission from the Electronic Text Center.

  • These ebooks, texts and images may not be re-published in print or electronic form without permission from the Electronic Text Center. However, educators are welcome to print out items and hand them to their students.

  • Users are not permitted to download our ebooks, texts, and images in order to mount them on their own servers for public use or for use by a set of subscribers. Individuals and institutions can, of course, make a link to the copies at UVa, subject to our conditions of use.

    It is not in our interest or that of our users to have uncontrolled subsets of our holdings available elsewhere on the Internet. We make corrections, add tags, add images, etc. on a continual basis, and we want the most current text to be the only one generally available to all Internet users.

  • These texts can potentially be used as the basis for additional TEI tagging or for some other etext or ebook project, but we ask that you let us know before you start, so that we can coordinate work on that text and make sure that we are not working on it simultaneously. We would like a copy of the improved text for our collections.

Our thanks are due to the many projects and individuals who have contributed texts to these collections. Credits are provided at the head of each text. New works will be added on a continuing basis, and we are actively working our way through the public ASCII texts on the Internet whose provenance can be determined.

Conditions of Use: Restricted-Use texts

Because of contractual obligations with the vendors who supply the texts and the search software, access to parts of the on-line text service is restricted to the parties covered by the various license agreements (usually University of Virginia users only). We do not own collections such as the Oxford English Dictionary and the English Poetry Database -- we merely license their use for our University of Virginia users.