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Brief Entries

冬【ふゆ】:行事 【ぎょうじ】
fuyu: gyōji, Winter: Observances

顔見世 【かおみせ】 kaomise, season debut [of kabuki theater, in December] (mid winter).
歌舞伎の顔見世 【かぶきのかおみせ】 kabuki no kaomise, kabuki season debut
面見世 【つらみせ】 tsuramise, season debut [of kabuki]
足揃 【あしぞろえ】 ashizoroe, actors' lineup [a ritual before the season debut; common to Kyoto and Osaka kabuki theaters]
七五三 【しちごさん】 shichigosan, Seven-Five-Three (Festival) [15 November; shrine visit by children ages 7, 5, and 3] (early winter).
七五三祝 【しめいわい】 shimeiwai, celebrating Seven-Five-Three
七五三の祝 【しちごさんのいわい】 shichigosan no iwai, Seven-Five-Three congratulations
年の市 【としのいち】 toshi-no-ichi, year-end market/fair [in preparation for New-Year holiday] (mid winter).
酉の市 【とりのいち】 tori no ichi, Rooster Market [held on the day of the rooster in November] (early winter).
一の酉 【いちのとり】 ichi no tori, first (day of the) rooster
二の酉 【にのとり】 ni no tori, second (day of the) rooster
三の酉 【さんのとり】 san no tori, third (day of the) rooster
酉の町 【とりのまち】 tori no machi, rooster town [that is, the Rooster Market]
お酉さま 【おとりさま】 otori-sama, Mr./Lord Rooster
熊手市 【くまでいち】 kumade ichi, lucky-rake market
おかめ市 【おかめいち】 okame ichi, Okame-mask market [mask represents 天鈿女命【あまのうずめのみこと】 Ama no Uzume no Mikoto (also known as Okame), goddess of mirth]
芭蕉忌 【ばしょうき】 bashō-ki, (ばせをき), Bashō's (Death) Anniversary / Bashō's Memorial Day [12th day of the 10th lunar month; 28 November Gregorian; Matsuo Bashō (1644-94) is considered the first great master of haikai] (early winter).
時雨忌 【しぐれき】 shigure-ki, Winter-Drizzle Anniversary [for the time of year when Bashō died]
桃青忌 【とうせいき】 tōsei-ki, Peach Green Anniversary [after one of Bashō's longest-used pen names]
翁忌 【おきなき】 okina-ki, Venerable's Anniversary / Old Man's anniversary [in haikai contexts, always refers to Bashō]
無村忌 【ぶそんき】 buson-ki, Buson's (Death) Anniversary / Buson's Memorial Day [25th day of the 12th lunar month; 17 January Gregorian; Yosa Buson (1716-84), second only to Bashō as a great haikai master] (late winter).
春星忌 【しゅんせいき】 shunsei-ki, Spring Star Anniversary [after one of Buson's artistic names]
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