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新年【しんねん】:天文 【てんもん】
shinnen: tenmon, New Year: The Heavens

初日 【はつひ】 hatsu hi, first sun [that is, New Year's Day sunrise] (New Year).
初日影 【はつひかげ】 hatsu hikage, first sunshine
初日の出 【はつひので】 hatsu hinode, first sunrise
初空 【はつぞら】 hatsuzora, first sky [that is, on New Year's Day] (New Year).
初御空 【はつみそら】 hatsu misora, first sky [御「み」 -mi- is honorific, but carries also the notion of beauty by way of homonym 美【み】mi]
淑気 【しゃくき】 shakuki, pure air / pristine air [as a congratulatory welcome to the New Year] (New Year).
初凪 【はつなぎ】 hatsunagi, first calm [wind and sea on New Year's Day] (New Year).
御降 【おさがり】 osagari, first precipitation [on New Year's Day] (New Year).
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