Notes and Acknowledgements

The Japanese text of the Noh plays was input by Haruko Konno and proofread by Sachie Noguchi. The English translations were input and proofread by Winnie Chan and Charlotte Robertson. Members of the E-Text Center staff did additional proofing. Editing and additional SGML tagging was by Catherine Tousignant and Sachiko Iwabuchi.

Sources of the copytexts are given in the headers to each of the plays.

For permission to use copyrighted texts we owe special thanks to
Columbia University Press, for the plays from Donald Keene's Twenty Plays of the No Theatre (copyright © 1970 Columbia University Press). The Press's Web site includes some links to its excellent list of books on Japanese topics. Copies of Twenty Plays are also available from the Press at 1-800-944-8648.

The Cornell East Asia Series for translations by Royall Tyler (copyright © 1978 Cornell China-Japan Program). This series is also of great interest for Japanese studies.

Royall Tyler, for use of his translations.

Karen Brazell, for use of her glossary.
The lack of macrons (long marks) for o's and u's in the current version of HTML is especially noticeable here, with three ways of writing the title: "No" with a macron; "No"; and the traditional "Noh."

The background for this edition is an image of handmade kozo paper by Timothy Barrett, author of Japanese Papermaking (New York: Weatherhill, 1992), in the collection of the Book Arts Press at the University of Virginia.

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