Help with Parallel Texts of Genji Monogatari

Scrolling: Use the bars at the right of each of the frames (Original, Modern, and Romaji) to scroll through the text. When you find a section you are interested in, you can click on nearby indicators to go to the same point in the other two frames. For example, in the original text scroll down until you see "Modernized Text | Romanized Text" at a point you are interested in. Click on "Modernized Text" or "Romanized Text" to display the same section of text in the other two frames.

Resizing the frames: Move the cursor over the border of a frame until the cursor changes to the shape of parallel bars. Hold down the left button on your mouse, and drag the border up or down to make the frame whatever size you wish.

Back: The easiest way to return to previous screens is to use the Back icon on your browser.

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Last revised June 27, 1999