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September, 2001:

December, 2000: December, 1999: June, 1999:
    Three versions of the Tale of Genji by Professor Eiichi Shibuya of Takachiho Shoka University have been added to the JTI texts.

    A new interface that lets you automatically look up in Jim Breen's online dictionary any characters in any Japanese Web site is now available.
March, 1999:

February, 1999:

November, 1998:

An interactive search interface lets you search online in Japanese or English for any characters or words in individual texts or in all the texts together.

The Japanese Text Initiative is part of the online library of the Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia Library. The E-Text Center has on the Web 50,000+ texts in English, French, German, Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and other langua ges. All of the texts are tagged in SGML according to Text Encoding Initiative guidelines. For Web display, PERL filters convert the SGML tags to HTML. Information on the Center is available here.

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