The Modern English Collection

Cabell, James Branch

Cabell, William D.

Cadwallander, James M.

Caesar, Julius

Cahan, Abraham

Calamity Jane (pseud. Marthy Cannary Burk)

Calvert, Cary A. B.

Calvert, George Henry

Calvin, John, 1509-1564

Cameron, Simon

Camp, W. E.

Camp, William E.

Campion, Saunders A.

Canfield, Dorothy

Carilton, Willb.

Carleton, Charles M.

Carleton, J. Harry

Carleton, S.

Carman, James A.

Carmichael, James, 1771-1831

Carneal, Lafayette J.

Carpenter, Edward

Carr, Mildred

Carroll, Charles

Carroll, Franklin

Carroll, Lewis

Carse, George B.

Carson, Samuel Franklin

Carter, Charles B.

Carter, Daniel

Carter, Sue

Caruthers, William Alexander

Carvalho, David N.

Cary, Elisabeth Luther

Case, Adelaide

Case, Adelaide E.

Casson, Herbert N.

Cather, Willa, 1873-1947.

Catherwood, Mary Hartwell

Ceasar, Samson

Chacky, A.M.

Chalfin, S. F.

Chalmers, H.H.

Chambers, George

Chandler, John A.

Chapman, George

Chapman, William

Charles Tenney

Chater, Melville

Chekhov, Anton

Cheney, John Vance

Chesnutt, Charles

Chesnutt, Charles Waddell, 1858-1932

Chesterton, Gilbert K.

Chesterton, G. K. ; Perris, G. H. ; Garnett, Edward

Child, Lydia Maria Francis, 1802-1880

Childs, Starling W.

Chopin, Kate

Christie, Agatha

Christy, Jacob

Christy, John M.

Christy, Joseph

Christy, Samuel

Christy, William

Churchill, Winston

Churchman, W.

Cibber, Colley

Cithrow, William

Citizens of Augusta County

Civil War Newspapers

Clark, F.M.

Clark, J. L.

Clark, Willis Gaylord

Clarke, W. D.

Claven, S.C.

Clay, Cecil

Clayton, M. D.

Cleland, John, 1709-1789.

Cleveland, P.

Clintock, Joseph Hills

Clinton, William Jefferson

Clouston, J. Storer

Coats, A.

Cochran, Benjamin Franklin

Cochran, John H.

Cocke, Chas. H.

Cocke, Louisiana Barraud

Colburn, S. E.

Coleman, John G.

Coleman, Margaret

Coleman, Margaret; Coleman, Martin; Coleman, Alan

Coleman, Martin

Coleman, Washington

Coleman, Wilson

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Coles, John B.

Collins, Wilkie

Colonel Norwood

Colton, Arthur, 1868-1943

Colyer, Vincent

Compton, C S

Conant, James Bryant, 1893-1978

Cone, Helen Gray

Conkling, Hilda

Conrad, Joseph and Hueffer, Ford M.

Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924

Conway, Anne

Conwell, Russell H.; Robert Shackleton

Cook, Ester S.

Cook, Frederick A.

Cook, George T.

Cook, James

Cook, W. I.

Cooke, Josiah Parsons

Cooke, Rose Terry

Cooper review: Anonymous

Cooper, Frederic Taber

Cooper, James Fenimore

Cooper, Jeremiah T.

Cooper, Susan Fenimore

Coppard, A. E.

Corliss, A. B.

Cormany, Rachel

Cormany, Samuel

Corrothers, James D.

Corson, William Clark

Cosegrave, John O`Hara ; Nordman, J. Jerome ; Whitlock, Brand

Cottrell, Edward Denton

Coulter, Will A.

Cousin Jennie

Cowan, Robert

Cowley, Abraham

Cox, Catherine

Coyner, Samuel B.

Cozzens, Frederick S.

Craft, William.

Craig, Sarah A.

Crane review: Anonymous

Crane review: Barry, John D.

Crane review: Wells, H. G.

Crane review: Wyatt, Edith

Crane, Stephen, 1871-1900

Crawford, F. Marion

Crawford, J. Milton

Crawford, John

Crawford, John G. A. and Edward Baldwin, Archer Brock, Isaac Carter, E. Stibling

Crawford, John and Archy Brock

Cressler, Alex

Crile, George W.

Crissey, Forrest

Crist, Gerald E.

Cristall, Ann Batten

Croce, Benedetto

Crocker, S. R.

Crook, George

Crum, Catherine A

Crutchfield, S.

Cumming, J.

Cummings, E. E.

Curie, Marie

Curtin, Andrew G.

Curtis, George William

Curtis, George William, and Harper and Brothers

Curtis, James

Curtis, V. W.

Custer, Elizabeth B.

Cutler, Lysander

Cutting, Mary Stewart