Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Server

This page allows you to generate your own customized configuration for WWWJDIC.

Select from the options below, and press the "Configure" button. If you select the Cookie option, a cookie will be sent to your browser containing configuration information for WWWJDIC. If you don't want to use a cookie, you can select the URL option, and you will be returned a page with a customized URL. You can save the URL, or click on it to get the customized initial menu, which you can save in your Bookmarks (or whatever your Browser calls saved URLs.)
NB: (a) you need to make sure you can still see the boxes on the front page; (b) you cannot customize the colours for the graphics display option.

Maximum lines per dictionary display
Maximum lines per kanji display
Input/Output code:
Background colour: or specify your own

Text colour: or specify your own
(NB: If you are keying your own colours, make sure your browser supports them.)

Examples: (NB: these options only works when a cookie is set.)

Now specify whether you wish to have a Cookie or to use URL parameters.

your customized WWWJDIC form.