The Japanese Text Initiative is grateful to the following people and organizations for their assistance in adding over 200 new texts with new functions like vertical display and furigana:
  • The Toshiba International Foundation for invaluable support for our work in 2003-2004.
  • Mr. Michio Tomita of Aozora Bunko for permission to add Aozora Bunko texts to the JTI site.
  • Professor Tetsuya Itō of the National Institute of Japanese Literature [NIJL], or Kokubungaku Kenkyū Shiryōkan in Tokyo and his students for texts of monogatari from Gunsho ruijū.
  • Mr. Keiichi Arayama and Professor Shin'ichi Kikuchi of Kōnan Women's College for texts of Taiheiki and Genpei seisuiki from their site, J-TEXTS.
  • Professor Lewis Cook of Queens College of the City University of New York for introductory notes for Tsukubashū and Ise monogatari.
  • Doug Chestnut, Technical Web Manager of the University of Virginia Library, and Yi Zhang, JTI student assistant and Toshiba Fellow during 2003-2004, for converting JTI texts to XML and for making possible furigana and vertical displays of the texts.
  • Susan Munson, Senior Programmer in the University of Virginia Electronic Text Center, for her invaluable ongoing support of the JTI and for her contributions to this year's project in particular.
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